A Starbucks worker gets a tip of $ 80,000

A Starbucks worker gets a tip of $ 80,000


The coffee and drinks maker (Barista), at a Starbucks store in California, obtained an $ 80,000 tip in a campaign, after circulating a widely criticized post.

According to CNN, Lenin Gutierrez, 24, said he was working on his regular shift at a Starbucks store in San Diego on Monday morning when a woman who was not wearing a face mask and started to record her request entered.

Gutierrez asked her if she had a face mask, but before he could even refer to company instructions that obliged clients to wear masks, the client surprised him with a wave of anger and insults.

Then the client took a picture of the worker, posted it on Facebook, and wrote on it: “Meet Lenin from Starbucks, who refused to serve me because I don’t wear a mask. Next time I will wait for the policemen and offer a medical exemption.”

Contrary to what she expected, the post created more sympathetic reactions to Gutierrez, as many expressed support for the worker on the post, and some expressed their desire to visit the café to give him a tip.

The sympathizers launched a campaign through the “Joe Vand Mei” financing platform, to collect the tip for Gutierrez in appreciation of his position and instead of the bullying. The primary goal of the campaign was to raise a thousand dollars, but after less than a week thousands of people donated about 80 thousand dollars.


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