The strangest tax in the world imposed by a restaurant!

The strangest tax in the world imposed by a restaurant!


A restaurant in Lattakia achieved great fame after publishing an invoice, in which the restaurant demanded a customer to pay an amount because he did not order food, under the heading of “no-food-fee”.

The value of the amount amounted to 2600 Syrian pounds out of the total bill of 28525 Syrian pounds, in addition to a second “tax” no less surprising, under the name “birthday fee.”


It seems that the owners of the restaurant received heavy communications this day, so did not succeed all attempts to communicate with them by telephone, while a media source confirmed that the citizen concerned complained to the Ministry of Tourism, which replied that “was seized on the restaurant mentioned, and there are two irregularities: The first charge fees do not have The second charge a birthday service and also has no basis. “The bill charged other fees, such as reconstruction fees, local administration, and consumer spending.


The incident was met with criticism of the restaurant and the government, both in terms of lax control, which leads owners of restaurants and tourist establishments to impose prices they want, or to impose indirect taxes, as the bills of these facilities include items such as reconstruction fee, local administration, and others.

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