Summer Camp launched by Mathaf starts on September

Arab Museum of Modern Art  “Mathaf”  launches the second annual edition of the summer camp for organizing exhibitions, from 4 September  to 9 September, as happened in  the successful edition that took place last year.



This event aims to discover more about artistic production field and regulatory practices based on several programs that aim to enhance creativity and provoke thinking and appreciation of modern and contemporary art in the region and to discuss the talents work.



Qatar Museums asks any person or organization which is interested in attending such events to progress and participate in this camp, which will be done over the six days.



Subjects that will be discussed during the camp days are: organizing the archive include, artists archive, regional capabilities for documenting and archiving and others; in addition to creativity meetings.



This summer camp for exhibitions is a part of several activities launched by “Mathaf” that aims to enhance the new trends in artistic production, regulatory emerging practices and highlighting on the museum’s role as a place for the production of knowledge and space to debate.



It also aims to build an engaged audience and promote the interests of individual in technical and management practices.



This Summer Camp is part of the regulatory and ongoing research project titled “Doha Artistic Map” and it’s a collaborative exploration of artistic and creative spaces in Doha.

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