Temperature in Doha may reach 44

Temperature in Doha may reach 44

The Meteorological Department warned of strong winds expected with high waves at sea, and predicted that the weather until 6 pm today, hot day with mild dust and some clouds on some areas on the coast .. At sea, the weather accompanied by light dust with some clouds.

Winds are on the coast, northwesterly to northeasterly at between 7 and 17 knots, with donations of up to 22 knots on some areas. In the sea, the winds are northwesterly at 8 to 18 knots with grants of up to 22 knots on some Areas, and then lower the evening to between 5 and 15 knots.

Horizontal visibility ranges between 4 and 8 kilometers.

The wave’s height on the coast ranges from one foot to three feet and rises to four feet at first. Between three and five feet in the sea, it rises to seven feet on some areas and then drops to between two feet and four feet in the evening.

The maximum expected temperature in Doha is 44 ° C.


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