Temperature expectations in Qatar within the coming days

Temperature expectations in Qatar within the coming days 

If you have felt there was a spike in temperature in recent days, then it is completely true.

Qatar’s Met Department has warned that a ‘noticeable rise in temperature’ is expected in different parts of the country from Friday until Sunday, according to Gulf Times.

The Met Department said that the maximum temperature during this period is expected to rise to the late 20C in the eastern coast and early 30s elsewhere due to southeasterly wind, reported The Peninsula.

The temperature will then return to its normal range, for this time of the year, on Monday as northerly winds will begin affecting Qatar, the department added.

Meanwhile, poor visibility is expected in most places in the early hours of Friday due to fog. A similar warning has been issued for offshore areas as well.

After the foggy spell, moderate daytime temperature is expected in the country along with some clouds. It will again become misty by late on Friday night, the forecast states.

Offshore, misty to foggy conditions are likely in most areas and there could also be some clouds later.

The minimum and maximum temperatures in Doha are expected to be 17C and 26C on Friday.

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