Tension in Qatar-UAE relations

Tension in Qatar-UAE relations

The Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA) has strongly condemned a statement by the UAE Civil Aviation Authority, which accused Qatar of threatening air safety and security in the region.

The QCAA reiterated that the country was committed to the highest standards in maintaining civil aviation safety and security, reported Gulf Times.

QCAA said the latest development was proof of the fact that UAE was manipulating facts to inflame and mislead the international community.

It said reality was that the Qatari military aircraft was flying towards the north-east of Qatar, returning from a mission known to navigation services providers in Bahrain, following the unauthorised entry of a UAE military aircraft to Qatari waters, reported The Peninsula.

The Qatari military jet’s return path was close to the route taken by the UAE civil aircraft referred to in the statement of the UAE Civil Aviation Authority.

The statement said this was not the first time the UAE deliberately sent military aircrafts to pass through the airspace in conjunction with the passage of UAE civil aircraft without permission from relevant authorities in Qatar.

This is despite repeated calls to the provider of navigation services in Bahrain to coordinate in this regard, which is an irresponsible act by the UAE and Bahrain.

The QCAA said that the succession of fabricated complaints, accompanied by media reports, were unsuccessful attempts to divert attention away from numerous military aircraft violations of Qatari airspace since the start of the crisis in June, 2017.

It was also done to interfere with the complaints file Qatar has lodged with the ICAO organisation, which will be decided in the next two months.

QCAA pointed out that the continued lack of professionalism, non-response and bias by air navigation service provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain — at a time when neutrality is supposed to be honoured since it is responsible for managing the navigation in this region — is a cause for concern and condemnation.

The QCAA stressed that the UAE and the Kingdom of Bahrain should deal with the aviation sector professionally, seriously and responsibly away from politicisation.

It also appealed to the concerned authorities in both countries to refrain from political and media disputes and to put professionalism above all other considerations.

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