The best way to charge your phone’s battery

The best way to charge your phone’s battery


Many users resort to charging their mobile phone all night, without knowing that this method of charging is wrong, and reduces the battery life.

“If you charge your phone all night and leave it for hours after it reaches 100% of the charge, this speeds up the aging of the battery,” says Dominique Schulte, managing director of the German battery technology consulting firm.

As the life of the lithium-ion battery ages, its chemical composition changes, and it becomes less efficient to store energy and deliver it to your device.

Schulte recommends that you charge the battery to less than 100%, lift the device directly from charging, and refrain from letting it charge overnight, to keep the battery for a longer time.

And if you plan to store your phone without use for some time, it is preferable that the battery charge range between 30 and 50%, which is the best range to prevent damage to the lithium-ion battery.

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