The world will shock you in 2069!

The world will shock you in 2069!

A new report on the future of technology has predicted that underwater highways, tablet-based sports, and space vacation will be common in 50 years.

The report also revealed that mass production of 3D organs and transplants, as well as self-cleaning in homes, will become an essential part of daily life.

This report was moderated by a group of academics and future experts, including the president of TechUK and co-director of the Coding Jacqueline de Rojas, the director of engineering and education at the Royal Academy of Engineering, Dr. Reese Morgan, and the future food scientist Dr. Morgen Gay.

The report was prepared by Samsung to celebrate the opening of Samsung KX, a new “experience space” and retail store in King’s Cross, London, which will host technology tutorials, health and wellness sessions, and other categories.
The Samsung KX50: The Future in Focus report suggests that by 2069 the world will see a real revolution in transportation, with the design of underwater piping systems between the UK and the mainland in Europe and other regions, where high-speed capsules transport travelers between some countries. -In less than an hour.
Taxis and buses are expected to be used in urban areas to reduce congestion, while long-distance travel involves the use of reusable rockets, flying in the upper atmosphere at high speed, reducing travel time between London and New York to less than 30 minutes, according to the report.

In health, virtual follow-up of patients’ health status throughout their lives will become more common with the translation of symptoms and conditions into any language.

The report claims that large-scale 3D printing of vital organs will provide immediate alternatives to those who need it, insects will become a major source of protein, and future kitchens will be equipped with tools to invest insect production.

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