Tomorrow: the HUGEST military show in the history of Qatar

Tomorrow: the HUGEST military show in the history of Qatar

Qatar will witness 2:45 pm on Tuesday, tomorrow afternoon, in the Corniche area, the largest national march unprecedented on the occasion of the national day,

Armed forces will participate in the celebration in land, sea and air including the Amiri Guard and the security departments of the Ministry of Interior and all the military colleges in the country.

Major General Salem Fahad Al-Hababi, commander of the military parade center and the general coordinator of the national march, said in a press statement that the armed forces have completed their exercises for the military shows in a month until the march is in accordance with the way the wise leadership aspires to suit the great national occasion.

He stressed that the military units that will participate in the national march tomorrow will be equivalent to “3” times the forces that participated in the national march last year

In the meantime, “We at the military parade center last year called on the participating forces to describe the” surge “due to the large number of participating forces, while this year we call the number of participating forces described” deluge “given the large number of forces involved and given the size of mechanisms And advanced military equipment that will pass in front of the platform.

90% new weapons

Major General Al-Hababi said that a large number of new mechanisms, armor and defensive weapons of each military unit in their respective fields will participate in military displays, which will provide unprecedented momentum.

He stressed that 90 percent of the weapons that will be seen by citizens in the national process tomorrow is new and will not see the viewers old mechanisms that have rarely participated in the process is rare and is still effective weapons and working .. He said in the meantime that the military offers will be majestic worthy of the reputation of Qatar and the shrine of Hazrat His Highness the Amir, who directed the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Defense Affairs to make the military presentations distinctive this year. “Major General Hababi said:” We at the military parade center to appeal and we were able to train and coordinate all the forces that citizens walk today in the national process.

The commander of the military parade center that the new military units and formations have joined the military service in the country will be part of the military displays, which shows performances in a manner that is amazing and different from what it was shown in the past year and previous years.

And on whether there are new battalions to participate in the National Pole for the first time, he said: “The force of attribution of the General Command of the Forces nouvelles will participate in the process.

He added: “All the soldiers involved in the march are highly trained first-class combat soldiers and, in addition, were highly trained in the military parade within one month.

The commander of the center offers the participation of the Amiri Guard forces and the forces of Lakhwiya and the various security departments in the Ministry of Interior that it will be distinctive as usual every year .. He said: All the military colleges in the state, including the College of Ahmed bin Mohammed military and the College of Mohammed bin Abdullah al-Attiyah Air and Maritime Academy and the latter will participate for the time First.

Arrange queue

Major General Al-Hababi said that the parade of military parade begins to pass through the podium carrying the flag of His Highness the Amir followed by the entry of the big flag carried by the recruits of the College of Ahmed bin Mohammed Military and then pass the military units in their chain of command known as land, air, sea, air defense force, The music weapon and each of these units are advanced by its flag.

He pointed out in the meantime that some units participated in 5 or 6 blocks of military as each block is equivalent to a battalion in terms of the number of soldiers and stressed in the meantime that the total military blocs that constitute the national path of the military more than 35 all pass in front of the podium, A longer time of one hour and 17 minutes compared to the military parade last year, which was between 45 to 50 minutes.

He pointed out that it was coordinated with the competent authorities so that the portrayal of military offers in a professional manner is completely different from the photography that was the military displays in the past years, which enables viewers to see the coverage of special and exciting military offers even if they are far from the Corniche Doha.

Great air shows

Major General Salim said that the celebrations of this year will witness exciting and distinctive air shows because of the participation of new military aircraft, indicating that the air offers will begin immediately after the firing of artillery at the Corniche area .. He described the air shows as it will be impressive to share new military aircraft with high efficiency and combat capabilities I got Qatar recently has to strengthen the capabilities of our air forces.

“The Apache Helicopter, the Raval, the Typhoon, the F-15, the Euro-Fighter and the C-130 and the C-117 will participate as strategic and tactical transport aircraft,” said Al-Attiyah’s aircraft, along with other types of aircraft.

The commander of the military parade center said that national service personnel would participate in military offers, including recruits under training who had recently joined the national service this year.

Major General Al-Hababi described the maritime offers as being also distinctive and interesting. He pointed out that there are large new warships anchored in the port. Photographs of them will be displayed on the screens. There will also be new boats to protect the coasts and economic waters of the state.


Music of geusts!
He said that military bands on high levels of Turkey, Italy and Jordan will participate in the celebrations on the Corniche, but these bands will pass in front of the podium before the start of the military queue and the arrival of His Highness the Prince


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