What to do if you have traffic violation fines in Qatar?

What to do if you have traffic violation fines in Qatar?

The article is focusing to help Qatar expat with Qatar driving license to know all information on MOI Qatar Traffic Violation Fines List, How to Check and Pay Violation Fine. The country is working hard to reduce accidents. So the government taking strict traffic law to cut down road accidents.

Traffic violation in Qatar can lead to huge traffic fines, Black points even imprisonment in extreme situations. Qatar MOI (Ministry of Interiors) frequently updating traffic violation laws. Our updated Qatar traffic violation Fine List published by MOI will help to understand Basic Traffic fines in Doha. This traffic violation Fine list includes Fees to be paid and Black Point while expat or national violating traffic rules in the country. Accumulation of Black point may lead to cancellation of driving license also.

Nowadays radar Speed gun and cameras are very common in Doha streets. These radar cameras always ready to snap vehicle photos while violating traffic rules such as over speed and crossing vehicle while the traffic signal is Red. Also, CID s and police offices continuously monitoring and watching traffic violation throughout Qatar streets.

Traffic Violations in Qatar Handling by Ministry of Interiors (MOI). Due to digitalization of Traffic department, now all updates and Violation updates are available through Qatar MOI Website. Drivers can check and pay Traffic Violation Fines in Qatar any time and from anywhere.

How to Check Qatar Traffic Violation Fines

While violating traffic rules like crossing speed limit, crossing the signal during the red signal light, not parking vehicle in correct place vehicle drivers will get Qatar traffic violation Fine from police. MOI traffic fines are charging electronically where the fine and black point will update in MOI Traffic Websites. Expat drivers and national can check these fines always in online through Qatar MOI Traffic website. Also, Drivers can pay Qatar traffic violation fines fees online.

Since the Service to pay Qatar traffic violation fines available in the online portal services called “Hakoomi E-Services” you can pay fine any time. Hakoomi E-Services portal also shares a lot of information and updates related to Qatar Traffic Violation Fines.


Follow below step by step procedure to check your violation status online and pay the fines.

Steps to do MOI Qatar Traffic Violation Fines Inquiry

  1. Vist MOI Qatar websites. Default language will be in Arabic and require Qatar MOI Website have an option to change language from Arabic to English at the header
  2. Once you enter into MOI Qatar Website move your mouse cursor to MOI Service Menu and Click on it. Here you can see Inquiry option. You can also find other options like E-Services and Department Service. Click on MOI Services Inquiries. The browser will direct you to MOI Qatar General Inquiry Pages
  3. In MOI Qatar General inquiry pages you can see a lot of MOI inquiries like Traffic Inquiries, Qatar Visa Services, Qatar Exit and Entry Permits, Resident permit Inquiries, Metrash and Other Inquiries. Other Inquiries Include link to official documents, Qatar Smartcard Application form, Smartcard activation application form and Inquiry on Company’s ID Particulars. Click on Traffic Inquiry and website will direct you to MOI Qatar Traffic Violation inquiry Pages.
  4. Once you enter into MOI Qatar traffic Violation Inquiry pages then click on Traffic Violation. Here you can inquire about available Traffic violation Fines to you
  5. 4 options are available and in that one is for the Foreign vehicle. Other 3 options are Vehicle Number, ID Number, Company ID Number. You can use any of these option to view traffic violation fines for your vehicle or for you. Enter required details and submit
  6. The page will List pending MOI Traffic violation fine for your Vehicle

How to Pay MOI Qatar Traffic Violation Fines

Once you view available traffic fines page will display available fine in table pending to pay. The table has columns like Date, time, Description Location, Point and Amount. To pay Traffic fine in Qatar for your vehicle Click on Settlement of Violation which is showing at the bottom of the traffic violation report.

Once you click on Traffic Violation Fine settlement option MOI Website will direct you to Traffic Services page and then click on Traffic Violations. Then login website with your QID. Once the login is done, complete payment process. You can Also Submit fine amount at Qatar traffic Department directly.

After completion of payment, you can re-verify by doing MOI Qatar Traffic Violation Inquiry through MOI Website. If the Payment is successful then the website will show NO Violations.


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