Travelers from Doha will get a FREE stay in hotels

Travellers from Doha will get a FREE stay in hotels

Turkish Airlines has launched a unique program that allows transit passengers from Doha to benefit from a free stay in Istanbul hotels. This unique offer from Turkish Airlines allows passengers from Doha via Istanbul to get to know Turkey and experience a free tourist experience, including Europe, North Africa and America (USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Panama, Cuba, Venezuela), Cyprus, Mauritania, Ghana and Ethiopia have the opportunity to turn their temporary stopover in Istanbul into five- free of charge. Thus, these travellers combine between these great destinations and a quick trip to Istanbul as well.

From Doha via Istanbul, with a 20-hour stopover in the city, travellers can enjoy free hotel accommodation by the chosen class of the ticket. Economy class passengers will receive a one-night stay at a four-star hotel while business travellers will receive two nights at a five-star hotel in Taksim. Travellers must complete the pre-booking process in order to receive their residence vouchers.

This stop-over program offers free stay only for Turkish and Turkish travellers and can be used on the return or return trip. The traveller will be charged the visa fee and the cost of travelling around the city and between the airport and the hotel.

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