Are you travelling? Read this sad news

Are you travelling? Read this sad news

It is once again that time of the year when airfares in the country start to soar, thanks to families travelling home for the summer holidays.

This year too, air fares to key destinations mainly in the subcontinent are set to rise as summer break begins from early July, according to Gulf Times.

Travel industry sources say air fares will increase sharply to certain sectors, and in some cases nearly double, as most schools, colleges and other educational institutions enter summer holidays soon.

The peak summer travel season normally starts in the last week of June. Inquiries show that travellers to some destinations will have to open their wallets wide.

For example, a return economy class fare to Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala (non-stop service) will be in excess of QR5,000 for outbound travel on July 5 and inbound on August 31, reported Gulf Times.

Until a few days ago, it was available for nearly QR2,200.

Similarly, for Kochi in south India, economy class passengers will have to cough up nearly QR5,000 during the same time frame.

To fly direct to Colombo in Sri Lanka and back during the period, economy class passengers will have to pay in excess of QR3,685.

Islamabad tickets in economy class have been priced in excess of QR3,700 during this time frame. Manila passengers will have to shell out nearly QR5,900 for economy class travel during the period.

And to Sydney in Australia, the economy fare is close to QR10,000 for outbound travel on July 5 and inbound on August 31. Industry sources said fares to Europe and the US will also go up during the peak summer travel season.

Economy class seats for London in the UK will be priced more than QR5,600 for outbound travel on July 5 and inbound on August 31.

The fare to Paris, which is another favourite holiday destination for residents, has been quoted in excess of QR5,800 during this time frame.

The return economy class fares to New York in the US have been quoted at around QR7,200 during this time frame.

And to Chicago, another popular US destination, the economy class fare for a non-stop service is priced around QR6,800 during this time frame.

The Hamad International Airport (HIA), has already geared up for a surge in passengers in the coming days as many of the country’s residents prepare to travel during the summer vacation.

Until July 9, Qatar Airways passengers will be able to check in four to 12 hours prior to departure, subject to certain terms, the airline has said. Such passengers can utilise Row 11 at Hamad International Airport to avail of this service, the airline said.

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