Tricks to get a job in Qatar

Tricks to get a job in Qatar

Qatar is not only rich in natural oil reserves and culture. It also has a wealth of career opportunities and tax-free jobs in almost every sector.

In a recent Middle East Job Seeker Confidence survey, it was found that 54 percent of Qatari research respondents believe that the country has plenty of jobs available. In terms of job satisfaction, 61 percent said that they are satisfied with the career development options that Qatar offers.

These figures are evidence as to why most people find the Gulf state a great working destination. Yet, despite the favourable factors and current job availability in the region, Qataris and expatriates may still struggle to get a job.

Employers don’t just give a job offer to whoever they want. They take into consideration several factors including qualifications, previous work experience, job goals, and interpersonal skills, among others.

So if you are among the many aspirants who envision working in Qatar, check out the tips below.

1. Create an impressive CV

People say that your curriculum vitae is your ticket to success. This one or two-page document about yourself is what sells you to the company you are applying for.

Companies receive hundreds of applications every day. That is why they have the excuse to cross you out of the waiting list if they don’t find your CV appealing at first glance.

To ensure that your chance of getting hired is not put at stake, make your CV impeccable. It should be written in a clear and concise manner whilst showing optimum value.

List all the significant details from educational background to seminars attended, languages, work experience, contact information and other skills. Make sure that these facts about you are written in a readable format.

It is also an added bonus if you include a cover letter. Having this might increase the chance of drawing attention to your CV.

When writing one, be sure to follow the professional and standard format. It must have a header, introduction, body and closing.


2. Master the interview

Once you have your resume ready, the next thing to do is prepare for the interview. When you are prepared, there is a better chance for you to get the job.

First, it is a rule of thumb to review your CV. You can’t come to the HR office without an in-depth understanding of every detail on your resume. You should be able to elaborate on everything in case the interviewer asks about any point listed.

Next, you are required to research the company you are applying for. Extract as much information as you can through visiting their company website or social networking sites.

Above all, you have to be early and enthusiastic on the interview day. Arrive a few minutes before the interview. Keep a relaxed and confident aura during the interview process.


3. Make connections

Last but not least, make connections. Reaching out to people in your network—friends, relatives or colleagues—can help boost your confidence.

Knowing that you have someone who believes in you gives you a burst of good feeling.

More importantly. Forming a network can help if you need to seek professional advice. Your connections can provide you with some tips, like how to dress for an interview and how to answer interview questions confidently.

Going to networking events and career fairs is also a good thing. You can use such events as a platform to improve your interpersonal skills.

In fact, you can take these events as a training ground. Use them to your advantage to learn about the interview process and get a grip of it.


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