How to download “Pokemon GO” in Doha, Qatar


Some users are still unable to download Pokemon GO game that is because it’s still not available in their countries.

Here are two possible ways that through you can download the game.

First, although it’s not found on “Google’ store, still an Android user can download it through: and then follow these instructions:

1-Go to, then click in “Download APK”2.

2-Press on “agree” to skip the privacy policy.

3-Click to install the game after its downloaded

4-Click on agree on the terms on conditions.

5-When the install is complete, open it.

6-Sign up in the game by using your email.

But if you failed to download the game, then you should download it on computer/laptop with a capacity of 58.1 MB, and the transfer the file to the download section in your phone using a USB. Then on your phone, go to settings then security and accept files from unknown sources, then click on “Pokemon GO” in the download section to install the game and start playing it.

While if you are iPhone user and you want to download the game, then you should follow these steps:

1-Sign out from your personal “Apple ID” in Apple Store, through accessing to the store and pressing on “featured tab”, then go up to right side of the page and write your personal ID and then sign out.

2-Go to settings then General then language and region and change your location to Lebanon.

3-Try to download any free app, and a new ID will appear to  you, create it and click “None” in the billing menu and after that add specific locations in the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

4-Search for Pokemon GO and download it to start playing.

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