Useful secrets you did not know about WhatsApp!

Useful secrets you did not know about WhatsApp!


WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app, used by 1.5 billion people a day! However, some are unaware of all the secrets of this app. Check out the following:

– Voice messages without pressing the icon
You can drag the icon to the top and leave it and start recording. Once you have pressed send.

– Save messages

WhatsApp provides the feature of saving messages, by selecting the messages you want to block, by pressing the star button.

– Determine the status for each occasion
You can set your status to a pre-existing option, or you can create your own for any activity you want. To do this go to Settings, tap your name in WhatsApp, then About, Status, and choose Presets. Or to personalize it, click Edit, and select any of the options.

– Read your messages in stealth mode
Messages can be read without access. If you receive a message on your iPhone, press down slightly on the message above the screen, and drag the entire text up, to read it without the sender knowing.

– Identify discerning callers
Find your favorite people from a long list on Whatsapp is annoying, and you can use the pin feature to put your favorite chats at the top by holding down the chat and pressing the pin icon.

– Regain control of groups
Group settings can be changed to allow only administrators to change group information, so click your group name, go to Group Settings, and then edit the group information.

– Find out with whom you talk the most
You can see to whom you send the most messages and how much storage each person is talking to, by going to Settings, Data Usage and Storage, Using Storage, select a contact.

– Manage who adds you to groups

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