Very hot temperature and some clouds for weekend

Very hot temperature and some clouds for weekend


In its weather forecast on the weekend, Qatar Meteorology Department predicted very hot temperatures during daytime with some clouds.

The minimum and maximum temperatures for the next two days will vary between 32 degrees Celsius and 44 degrees Celsius respectively.

On Friday, the Meteorology Department said that poor visibility is expected offshore at first due to fog. Visibility will be Vkilometers or less at some places at first up to 4 to 8 kilometers.

The wind is expected to blow southwesterly-southeasterly offshore at 3 to 12 KT on Friday and northerly at 5 to 15 KT inshore from Friday to Saturday.

Sea heights will vary from 1 to 3 FT and is expected to rise to 5 FT at times on Saturday.

QMD urged everyone to keep safe during hot weather conditions. Some safety precautions during this summer include drinking plenty of fluids, wearing lightweight and light coloured clothing to reflect the sunlight.

Parents are also reminded not to leave children unattended in a vehicle. Outdoor workers are also encouraged to take rest breaks in the shade.

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