VIDEO of expatriate firing a man is going viral on social media

VIDEO of expatriate firing a man is going viral on social media 

This very weekend a video went viral on Saudi social media which showed two men arguing, among them one man was an expat while the other is said to be a Saudi.

What was the matter between the two men and why was expat shouting at the Saudi and what made him lose temper? Nobody is aware of the reality of the video. In that video it seen a man who is screaming is said to be an expat manager while the other is defined as a Saudi employee.

The expat continuously screamed at the Saudi man and dragged him and showed him outside of the room that appears to be an office. People deemed the expat behavior was too aggressive and insulting to the employee.

Nobody could judge the matter of argument between the two. The video continued to circulate online, it grew a heated debate among the users.

One of the users said this is not a right way to push the employee out of the office and beat him or scream at him in such an unethical manner, even if he had done something wrong there are contracts that govern these type of work relations.

Most of the people called the authorities to check and investigate the video which sparked a huge outrage among the social media users.

The Saudi authorities soon came into action and announced they have launched an investigation into a video allegedly capturing an expat manager firing a Saudi employee.

Ahmad Al Qanfathi, head of the ministry of Jazan Labors Department, said before taking any further step, the official will first look and investigate the case only then the further measure will be taken.

Most people said no judgment could be made on the matter before the investigation is completed. We cannot make a decision, what made the man react too aggressively there might be a point and a story behind this incident that cannot be judged by only seeing the video.

This video continued to circulate online and when many Saudi were angered and stood with the Saudi to support him there were many people too who supported the expat.

One of the users said that after seeing the video he felt that the Saudi man was negligent toward his job. He too judged his dress and said he was dressed inappropriately for the work.

While other said the way the Saudi man is responding to his employer truly detect that the Saudi is wrong, the expat asked him some question and waited for his reply but the Saudi instead of replying to his employer continued to play with his telephone.

This is the point when anyone can lose his temper and the same happened there and he was kicked out of the office.

Every workplace has some rule and regulation to which every employee should follow, people have a different opinion but still, the whole nation is waiting for the investigation to complete and the truth to be revealed.

I want to add 2 points at the end. First, we are in no position to judge the action of any one of them unless we know the entire background of the story

Second, in every situation, we should try to control our anger. Anger reduces our thinking power and make us do things which we cannot do in our senses.

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