This VIDEO is going viral across Qatar! You saw it?!

This video is going viral across Qatar.

The venue was the Qatar Stars League match, between Al Shahania and Al Khor, on Friday.

After the match, Al Shahaniya goalkeeper Khalifa Al Dossari was seen speaking to his father. After a few words were exchanged, he bent down, sat on his knees and kissed his father’s feet in a plea for forgiveness.

He was asking for forgiveness for his rash actions on the field some time earlier.

Al Khor’s Brazilian Wellinton Souza entered into a fight with Al Shahania’s Muhannad Adnan. During the fracas, the Brazilian swore at Dosari and the keeper lost his cool.

He ran forward to attack the player, but was dragged away from confrontation by his team-mates. His father, who was watching the game from the sidelines, came to remonstrate with his son after the game. And that was when this heart-touching scene played out.

It is good to see that obedient children are not a thing of the past yet.


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