VIDEO: Did you see this drone flying above Qatar’s sky

VIDEO: Did you see this  drone flying above Qatar’s sky 

Each passing day, technology becomes an even bigger part of our daily lives. And Qatar has been at the forefront of adopting new technologies to help make things simpler.

Soon, don’t be surprised if you see a drone flying overhead at busy intersections, monitoring the flow of traffic. This is because Qatar’s Traffic Department has already started testing it out on a trial basis, reported The Peninsula.

In a tweet on its official Twitter handle, the department announced the trials using a video titled: “Testing of a drone for watching traffic, what’s your opinion?”

The video shows a white, blue and yellow drone with the traffic department’s logo parked on the roof of a police vehicle. The officer sitting inside the vehicle controls the drone and directs it towards the busy road. The drone, fitted with a camera, projects an image of the traffic situation to a screen inside the vehicle, giving the officer a clear picture of the intersection.

At present, traffic officials monitor roads using cameras installed at signals or by being physically present at intersections to control traffic. 

The drone will help capture the image of the roads and intersections from the top and in coordination with units on the ground, it will make managing the traffic easier.

As is the case with any new idea, there were a lot of people supporting and opposing the move. But if such measures help better manage the traffic in the country, then we are all for it.

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