VIDEO: sharks appeared in Qatar

VIDEO: sharks appeared in Qatar

About 90 kilometers and in the depths of the sea, friendly and rare whale sharks recover on the northern coast of the State of Qatar, particularly near the Al-Shaheen oil field.

According to Al-Jazeera, according to aquatic biologists and divers, since 2010 this has come to this place every year in large gatherings according to unofficial statistics to more than 600 and its season starts from mid-April to September.


Whale sharks benefit from what Qatar Petroleum has provided them with an ideal environment through an open water reef basin.

And the length of these fish to 14 meters, which makes them one of the largest fish in the world, while scientists baffle the presence of these types of sharks in an aquatic environment exceeding the temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.

Scientists say that they feed on eggs of other fish species, such as tuna, which refutes the hypothesis of being vegetarian, as divers say it is not hostile, which made scientists study them using satellite-connected devices


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