VIDEO: The strangest car accident you can see

VIDEO: The strangest car accident you can see

A video showed the moment of a strange incident in which an American woman rammed herself into her car after forgetting to activate the brakes.

The video, documented by surveillance cameras and published by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, showed the moment when a car slipped and hit the driver who forgot to activate the brakes in the city of Tintreden in Kent State.

The woman stopped her car to examine the egg pallet on her way home, and when she got out of it and looked busy checking the products, the silver car slid slowly down the ramp towards her before hitting it from behind and dropping her and the pallet to the ground.

The woman destroyed the platform after she fell on it, before the car stopped again.

The woman did not appear to have been seriously injured, as she got up quickly looking around, before returning to the car and driving away, to avoid paying for the damage she had caused at Chris Boxsted’s egg sales platform, which commented on the video. The video highlights how important handbrake is, the car has crept into it until it was dropped, and fortunately, there seems to be no permanent damage. ”


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