Visit Al Jassasiya Carvings to discover a mysterious site in Qatar!

Al- Ruwais is a city of Qatar peninsula, which is known mostly for its natural view. It’s a little fishing village, but the local dhow boats are very famous for the seaside swarming. Al Jassasiya Carvings are  one of the attractive places at Al- Ruwais. There is a rich collection of petroglyphs and it is about 900.


Carvings can be found at other sites, however those found at Al-Jassasiya are considered the most extraordinary in terms of both their quality and their state of preservation.


An astounding 900 glyphs can be found at Al-Jassasiya. Shapes vary from geometric patterns to representations of animals and boats found on two parallel <jebels> which are outcrops of fossil and sand dunes.


The most unusual carvings are those of thick-finned fish fossils, boats with numerous oars, scorpions walking on the rocks, donkeys and those depicting the outlines of turtles. In total, these carvings number more than 100.

Seventy-one daisy shaped patterns made up of nine small holes around a larger central hole also exist. Some believe they were used for a game called <ailah> known as ‘umm al-judairah’ in Kuwait and Bahrain.

The most common outlines are double rows of seven to nine shapes that look like cups (333 in total, 193 with seven cups). These cups are believed to have been used for another game called <haloosa> or <huwaila>.


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