Visit Doha Fort to live an awesome and terrifying experience!

The Doha fort, known as Al Koot fort is one of the historical military fortress in Doha. Located in the midst of the famous Souq Waqif of Doha and the site of the old town.

It was built in 1880 during the Ottoman occupation at the time Doha was like a village. The fort a military barracks then was converted to police station and in 1902 it became a prison.


This fort has a square shaped courtyard enclosed on its all sides by a huge towering wall.


The doors in the courtyard lead to prison cells.


There is one larger door that leads to a windowless high-security space that was made for the most terrifying criminals.


Doha fort is a place that reveals the history of Qatar and show that an awesome cultural and architecture style.


Now it includes Qatari traditional handcrafts, gold work, artwork including oil paintings of craft workers and historical photographs.


It also contain various Kuwait’s Bedouin handicrafts such as fishing equipment, wooden ornaments and boat-building and rope-making.


It also shows weaponry and arms.


Address: Near souq waqif, Jassim bin Mohammed St, Al Bidda neighborhood
Telephone: +974 44424143, 4444 2747



Open every day from 9am to 12pm, and 4pm to 7pm
(Closed on Friday and Saturday afternoons)
The Entrance is free of charge.



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