Visit Fuwairit Beach to live an amazing experience

A beautiful beach located north Qatar out of Doha City that could let you live an experience that you will never forget. It’s the Fuwairit Beach.



White sand like powder and a clean blue sea that include several seashells of various colors. You will feel as if your are in an island in the Caribbean. The sea is very calm and warm.



Your children will be able to swim and play around too, especially that the water is so shallow so you can relax without the need of looking after them. It’s so safe.



If you like to watch the sunset, then you could take your tent and take a nap there, and then wake up before it take place. Also you could get the chance to see the sunset.



People whom are interested in surfing also can do this activity in certain timing of the year there.



You should know that there are no shops or cafes there. Also there are no toilets and showers. Mosques are not found nearby too. Therefore take you food with you, take big umbrella to hide from sun.



You can’t reach this beach without using a 4×4. Concerning parking, well you can park your car in a huge area that is found beside the beach.



Try you best to go in the morning that is to prevent the noise and the huge number of people that would attend the beach in the afternoon.



If you visit the beach in summer then you will be able to see the female turtles while laying their eggs on the beach.



The Fuwairit Beach is a place that whenever you visit, you will fall in its love.

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