Wafflemeister: bringing Belgium to Qatar!

As a popular international brand, Wafflemeister is rapidly expanding all over the globe. The brand’s success is to a great extent related to the secret recipe of the waffle dough that dates as far back as the 1950’s. Using only the finest natural produces, the dough for each waffle uses a secret Belgian family recipe and is carefully handmade, meaning that each and every waffle is made to perfection.

Although the chain’s main focus is waffles, it also caters to customers who wish to indulge in an array of authentic Italian ice cream (gelato), delicious thick shakes, refreshing sorbets and gourmet coffee.

Servicing its clients in a casual and fun atmosphere, the café appeals to the large public as the go-to place for a true everyday indulgence and friendly service.

With a direct entry from Lagoona Mall’s underground car park, Wafflemeister is conveniently located at the basement level and is effortlessly accessible from all points of the Mall.

Customers are able to follow the aroma of the slowly caramelized waffles to its location to enjoy either a dine-in or take-out experience.


Parking: Parking Lot


Hours: Mon-Sun: 6:00 pm till 12:00 am


Address: Doha, Qatar


Phone: +974 T4418 1185/ M7704 9921


Email:  [email protected]

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