Warning to Qatar residents

Warning to Qatar residents 

People today enjoy communication and connectivity like never before. While it has brought people closer, it has also opened a new avenue for fraudsters and thieves to make a killing.

Prominent retailers LuLu Hypermarkets has recently issued a warning to its customers regarding fake calls being made with regard to ‘Raffle Prizes & Gift Vouchers,’ reported Gulf Times.

It has urged shoppes to be very careful when it comes to such fraudulent calls.

“We’ve come to know about some incidents of attempted fraud in the name of LuLu. Fraudulent callers, who identify themselves as calling on behalf of LuLu, have tried to obtain personal and financial information of people including their bank account and bank card details. This is being done with the intent of defrauding them with false news of winning a prize or with some offers at LuLu,” an official spokesperson of the shopping chain said.

“LuLu Group hereby declares that it has never contacted by itself and has not authorised anyone to contact its customers or the common public for their banking, credit card or any similar details.”

LuLu has advised the public to exercise “extreme caution while dealing with anyone asking for their bank card or other personal details and report the matter to the authorities concerned”.

The Group has already lodged an official complaint with police authorities in this regard.

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