WARNING: Qatar will witness the hottest day

WARNING: Qatar will witness the hottest day

Officials in Qatar said that the country will witness heavy and dusty winds blowing in different areas. This will lead to poor visibility.

They added that the weather will be hot and dry.

Offshore, the dust is expected to be minimal to medium, while choppy seas can be expected.

Inshore, the wind will blow from the northwesterly to northerly direction at a speed of 14 to 24 knots. It could reach up to 30 knot in some places at some times.

The wind speed is likely to go down to 5 to 15 knots by night.

Offshore, the wind is expected to blow from the northwesterly direction, at a speed of 8 to 18 knots, reaching up to 26 knots at times.

Please pay attention.

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