Warnings about the weather in Qatar

Warnings about the weather in Qatar

Weather inshore until 6 pm on Wednesday will be hot during the day with slight dust to blowing dust at places, the Department of Meteorology said in its daily weather report, warning of strong wind over most areas and poor horizontal visibility.

The department also tweeted that northwesterly fresh to strong wind is blowing across Qatar during daytime today. It warned of strong wind over most areas leading to blowing dust and low visibility especially in open areas. Wave height expected to range between 2-4 reaching 8Ft in some areas.

The report mentioned that offshore, it will be slight dust dusty at times, the report added, warning of expected strong wind and high sea at places at times.

Wind inshore will be northwesterly to northerly 15 to 25 knot, reaching 30 knot at places at times, decreasing to 07 to 15 knot by night. Offshore, it will be northwesterly 12 to 22 knot, reaching to 26 knot at places at first.

Visibility will be 04 to 08/03 kilometer or less on some areas.

Sea state inshore will be 1 to 3 feet, while offshore it will be 2 to 7/8 at places at first.


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