Watch: Qatar Airways Unique flight from Brussels to Doha

Watch: Qatar Airways Unique flight from Brussels to Doha 

Qatar Airways flew an extraordinary flight Sunday from Brussels to Doha, where a full crew of women ran an Airbus A350, carrying 15 women from the cockpit to the hospitality crew.

Qatar Airways Chief Executive Officer Akbar Al Baker said the trip from Brussels to Doha – run by a team of women – is a testament to Qatar’s ultimate goal of ensuring a balanced and equal representation of women in the airline. In the highest leadership positions.

For her part, European Commissioner for Transport Violeta Polk said that women have a modest representation in the transport sector, where the proportion of women leading aircraft in the world is less than 5%, and there are aspirations to change and increase this percentage and enhance the presence of women in the aviation sector.

She considered Qatar Airways’ move to operate a fully managed journey by women as a model for efforts to change the current approach and to encourage more women to join the aviation sector.

For her part, considered the European Parliament member Isabella de Monte that the initiative of Qatar Airways to operate a journey managed entirely by women from Brussels confirms the commitment of the carrier towards the terms of the comprehensive air transport agreement between the European Union and Qatar, noting that such initiatives send a clear message to The world that gender equality needs actions and initiatives.

Qatar Airways recently announced a 10-year partnership agreement with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to launch the IATA Diversity and Inclusion Awards that promote gender diversity in the aviation industry environment.
The Qatar National Carrier confirmed its commitment to support these awards for 10 years, recognizing the importance of encouraging women to succeed and excellence at all levels in the sector. Winners of the awards will be announced at the IATA’s 75th General Assembly in June.


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