What after 3 years of the illegal blockade?

What after 3 years of the illegal blockade?


This week Qatar will mark the third anniversary of the ongoing illegal blockade imposed on it since June 5, 2017.

Over the years, at several international, regional, and local forums, Qatar has stressed the need for dialogue and called for negotiations to end the siege.

Her Excellency Qatar’s Assistant Foreign Minister and Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs asserted that the blockade has been a lose-lose situation.

Although Qatar has been able to sustain itself economically, the lack of communication and cooperation continue to negatively impact other issues, HE Lolwah Al Khater said.

Despite the restrictions on airspace as the blockade continues, Qatar moved ahead with its global efforts to repatriate stranded citizens and deliver urgent medical and humanitarian assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic, HE Al Khater highlighted.

The country’s national airline, Qatar Airways, has transported more than 1.8 million passengers to their homes.


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