What’s new about the new D3400 from Nikon?!

Nikon Company announced that it will launch its new comers D3400 soon.



This camera will have a feature named Snapbridge that makes the user connect the camera with and an app on the smart-phone or tablet. This feature will help the user to move his photos from the camera to his phone that is supported by Google Android, and that to share it directly with his friends.



But still the photo shall not exceed 2 Megapixels in maximum; also the application that is found on the phone can’t play the role of the remote control, which is offered by Nikon cameras that have the Snapbridge which work by WLAN.



Other than that, there are no additional updates compared by the previous editions. Since it still has a sensor with resolution of 24 Megapixels, and a 3 inch screen with an ability to take 5 photos per second. In addition to the ability to shoot a Full HD video by 60 photos per second.



The company mentioned that this camera will be offered in the market by the middle of September during this year.

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