WhatsApp provides 3 new features to users

WhatsApp provides 3 new features to users


Call waiting

WhatsApp has launched the new update exclusively via the operating system “iOS” on the phones “iPhone” to be introduced in the system “Android” later, which allows the user to receive a call through “WhatsApp” and wait for another call.
This technology will appear in a notification after the user ends his call that he has received a “missed call”, and will show a flash during his ongoing call that he is currently receiving another call, so that he can disconnect and respond to the new incoming call.

Updating the new WhatsApp is now available via the Android operating system and automatically deletes the message, after a specified time, as defined by the user.

WhatsApp also gives the user 5 options for time periods, from one hour to a full year.


Support multiple devices

WhatsApp has introduced Android and iOS operating systems to support the application’s operation on multiple devices.

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