“WhatsApp” to be banned from phones .. How can we avoid this?

“WhatsApp” to be banned from phones .. How can we avoid this?


WhatsApp users could face a suspicious ban from using the chat app later in the week, as some iPhones and Android phones are permanently banned from service.

And the decision of “WhatsApp”, which will come into effect on February 1, 2020, will affect millions of users who own old models of phones, because the application owned by “Facebook” will not support phones running iOS 7, or smartphones with “Android”, which is run by any program before 2.3.7.

The latest statistics from Google show that about 7.5 million Android phones must be updated to continue using WhatsApp. Meanwhile, only 7% of all iOS devices work on an older version of iOS 12. Some unofficial estimates claim that 0.1% of some iPhone models, such as the iPhone 5S, are still running iOS 7.

Although the latest decision appears controversial, the WhatsApp team explained the reason for the decision to give up support for older hardware operating systems.

In a post on the official WhatsApp blog, the company said: “As we look forward to the next seven years, we want to focus our efforts on the phone platforms that the vast majority of people use. Although these devices were an important part of our story, they do not provide the type of capabilities we need to expand our app features in the future.

It added, “This decision was difficult for us, but it is right in order to give people a better way to stay in touch with friends, family and loved ones, using WhatsApp.” To avoid the ban, it is recommended to upgrade phones and purchase new versions before applying the latest decision.

So, if you own an old phone and would like to continue using WhatsApp, what is the best option for updating?

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