Will the blockade end?

Will the blockade end?

Ever since June 5, 2017, Qatar has been subjected to an illegal blockade by Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. As a result, people of Qatar had been banned from going to these countries.

However, a Qatari delegation from the country’s Advisory Council (Shura) will take part in the second legislative session of the Arab Parliament, scheduled to begin today in Cairo, Egypt, reported Gulf Times.

The three-day meeting is set to discuss developments of the current Arab situation and continuation of the Arab Parliament’s efforts in supporting the pivotal and strategic Arab issues.

It includes the Palestinian issue, developments of the situation in Yemen and lifting the name of Sudan from the list of states sponsoring terrorism.
The four permanent committees of the Arab Parliament is also set to discuss the latest political developments in the Arab world, achievement of food security, attracting Arab capital to the Arab world, the report on human rights situation in the Arab world in 2017, protection of the rights of refugees and displaced Arab women and children and the preservation of Arab monuments, reported The Peninsula.

The Palestine Committee of the Arab Parliament will meet to discuss the plan of action after the US transferred its embassy to Jerusalem and ways to strengthen the resources of the Al Aqsa and Jerusalem funds, according to Qatar Tribune.

The Committee on the Preparation of an Arab Draft Law on Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Committee of Arab Least Developed Countries, the Human Rights Committee for the Arab world, the Committee for the Review of the Arab Convention for the Suppression of Terrorism and the Committee for the Support of Least Developed Arab Countries will also meet.

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