What will happen to Qatar’s desert soon?

In the middle of the dessert Qatar, near Umm Salal, will build one of the biggest forests across 8.3 square kilometers. In which over 95,000 trees from 28 different species will be planted.

Now over 50% of the work is completed and the work will end by March 2017.

There will also be two lakes next to each other in the desert to serve birds, animals, and to be used by human beings too.

The forest will be found near the vicinity of the Doha North Sewage Treatment Works, and a water system will be found in order to provide water for trees.

This project started during February 2016, and is the first in Qatar to treat sewage with ultra filtration and ultraviolet technology.

The filtered water from the plant will reduce the need of desalinated water for plants and crops.

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