Will Qatar impose new taxes?

Will Qatar impose new taxes?

Many people in Qatar received a message saying: “Qarar announces new tax imposed on all citizens.”

This news went viral on social media.

The news said: “The Qatari government has announced the issuance of a circular to impose a new tax in the country.” 

The included the following website http://aleqtisadia.com/ (the last letter not very clear).

While a website based in KSA is: www.aleqt.com

There is no clear information about who sent this message.

Later officials in Qatar said this is a fake report.

The message mainly spread across Whatsapp, therefore here are some tips that will help you to spot the fake news.


  1. Understand when a message is forwarded
    WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature that lets you see which message has been forwarded.


  1. Question information that upsets you
    Think twice before sharing it again.


  1. Check information that seems unbelievable
    Some news are hard to believe!


  1. Look out for messages that look different
    Fake news have spelling mistakes.


  1. Check photos in messages carefully
    Sometimes the used photos may not be related to the news. Check it online!



  1. And check links too

Some websites links may have spelling mistakes or weird characters. Be careful!


  1. Use other sources

Try to search for similar news. Maybe you will discover that no famous website published the news!


  1. Be thoughtful about what you share


  1. You can control what you see
    if a weird number texted you, then think twice


Have you received similar news?

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