Will the storm affect Qatar?

Will the storm affect Qatar?

The Qatar Meteorology  Department has clarified that “there are no immediate impacts of Cyclone Mekunu  expected from the country”

“Department wishes to clarify that there are no immediate impacts expected from the country of the Cyclone Mekunu. The impact is indirectly affected by a medium to high altitude drag flow to the country’s atmosphere in the coming days with the possibility of dust evaporation due to wind speed activity ,” an official tweet said.

Five people were killed and at least 40 missing on the Yemeni island of Socotra on Friday as Cyclone Mekunu pummelled the area before making its way to the Arabian Peninsula’s southern coast, Reuters reported.

The Royal Oman Police later said on Twitter that a 12-year-old girl died after winds from the cyclone caused her to collide with a wall, according to an Associate Press report.

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