Women in Doha are invited to join this team for more fun

In aim of having a better life, many people-yearly-move to Qatar to get new jobs. This leads many women to leave their parents and countries to life in that new country. However many women say that this new step that they do, is not considered to be a very hard one.

But still there is a fact which says that many women, who come to live in Qatar, still feel some anxiety and confusion in a news society.

In aim of helping in solving such problem, a page was found on facebook by the name of Qatar Expat Women (QEW)  (9000 followers) which help to help other women to fuse in the Qatari society. The aim of this movement is to give these women confidence to do all what they want, and also works to breaking the borders and getting women to know each other.

This would help them to find news friends, build new relations and prevent falling into depression.

This team is playing a role in changing the women thoughts about themselves, others and the society itself.

The team events include several activities, such as dinners, trips and other types of activities that aim to getting them together.

This group also plays a role in introducing its members’ cultures to each other. Where most of the times, during dinners, those members talk about their countries and societies.

If you are a lady living in Doha, and aiming to make new friends and especially if you are a new foreigner whom is looking to overcome issues related to being a stranger in the city, then for sure you must join the QEW team.

For more information about QEW you can visit its website or send an email to [email protected].

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